What’s this all about?

Matthew Joyce attempting to look dapper...

Matt attempting to look dapper…

Welcome to all.

My name is Matthew Joyce and I am a fully qualified freelance  sports journalist with a first class degree from Staffordshire University.

Graduating last year, I currently work for Advent Communications, and this blog is by no means a reflection of their views or their clients, merely my views on football.

As part of my role I am an active sports journalist, covering Coventry City football club for a number of clients including the club website, Press Association and occasionally The Sun – again the words in this blog are nobody else’s opinions but my own.

I used to blog regularly on the site, but my final year of uni and my new job put a stop to that. But for those of you who recognise the blog, I will be posting my musings on the world of football here once again, a lot more regularly and with a slightly revamped site.

There’s nothing wrong with opinion, so here is mine! Comments and feedback always welcomed.



For a bit more about my journalistic experience and a portfolio: www.matthewjoyce.co.uk

Follow me on Twitter : @MattJoyce92

E-mail me : Matt.Joyce@live.com

P.S – All comments will be moderated. I retain the right to delete comments of an unsuitable nature. The Blog conforms to the blogger/wordpress content policy. In addition, all links on my posts do not belong to me and I do not claim any ownership over them.


5 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. As I’ve said before – love the site, love the writing, I actually look forward to your posts every monday. Fantastic journalist in the making, a big paper should give him a chance!

  2. Keep blogging! You had a few weeks off, I want to see your posts continue again – fantastic content

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